To Your Request: Daily Quotes by Email

Since we launched Quotes Daddy, the most requested feature was daily quotes by email. It took a while but now it’s here and it’s BIG!

Popular emails:
You can subscribe to one of the popular ones:

  • Love
  • Friendship
  • Life
  • Funny
  • Inspirational
  • Money
  • Anything goes (random from our entire collection)

Customized emails:
Or you can customize your daily email by selecting any topic (or topics) by tags. For example you can create a daily email about: business, entrepreneurship, money

You can also subscribe to your own favorites if you have a special collection you want to be reminded of daily. If that’s the case, you can upload all your quotes (famous ones and your own) so they can be emailed to you.

Here’s how:
To subscribe to daily quotes by email and to manage your subscription, log in and go to your user page. You can manage email subscriptions, upload quotes and edit your profile from there.

Widgets – Now With Next Button

Quotes Daddy’s collection of ready made and custom quotes widgets is now enhanced with a ‘next quote’ button. This means that visitors to your site or blog can now enjoy the richness of the full quotes feed without refreshing the page.

You can see the new ‘next button’ in the widget on the right hand side.

‘Embed Quote’ Now Available for User Quotes

The option to ‘Embed Quote’ is now also available for user generated quotes. All you need to do is grab the code offered below every quote and paste it in your html editor. Here’s an example of a a really nice quote by one of Quotes Daddy users, Jessica Kennedy, embedded in this post:

Now You Can Also Embed Quotes

In the new version we uploaded yesterday we’ve added to option to embed quotes in your website, blog or social network profile.

Every quote comes with the image of the author and a fancy quote bubble design. It’s a great way to enrich your site not only visually but with additional relevant content as each quote comes with link to similar quotes (when the quote is clicked) and more quotes by the author (when the author name is clicked).

Here’s an example:

This feature is currently not available for User Generated Quotes.

Search – Enhanced and Advanced

Search is now enhanced to deliver more relevant results.

You can search QuotesDaddy:

By tag, to find all quotes tagged with one or more of the tags you enter.

* Tags, those words or phrases you see under each quote, are simply words that describe what the quote is about or related to. Tags are chosen by QuotesDaddy users like you, and make finding quotes easier and more intuitive. When you add a quote to your favorites, tag it with words that will help you find it next time you need it.

famous quotes tags

For example: to find funny quotes about love enter “love, funny” into the search box.

By author, to find all quotes by a specific author.

By quote, to find a quote when you remember only a part of it. Just enter the part of the quote you do remember, and we’ll find the complete quote for you.


Or you can use the new advanced search which offers filters of tag, author and quote in one search query. Logo Selected by

quotes daddy logo

QuotesDaddy logo

QuotesDaddy logo is in great company with 42 selected logos for 2008! Design enthusiasts among should check them out. There are some really cool ones.

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